We do not choose our own destiny Destiny chooses us on its own
And every living soul on earth, has a responsibility to fulfill
A mission to accomplish
An assignment to complete
A journey, made by destiny, to finish

We all are followers of our individual destinies
It’s what rules our everyday life
It’s what justifies the end to our mission on earth
It’s what makes us true, living beings
That which drives us, in our chosen path of life
What makes us whole
The source of our strength
It’s why we keep dreaming, till we stop breathing

Destiny is what keeps us alive, long enough, to fulfill our innermost desires
That burning fire in you, that gives you hope in a new day
That ability of yours, which stands you out, of many

That greatness in you, that makes you a conqueror
The powerful being in you, that strengthens you for the challenges ahead

That voice of victory you hear in your heart, beating, within you
That’s where your destiny lies
It’s deep in your heart
It never changes
Not even time, can change or stop it
Your destiny will always be yours, truly

Listen & feel the sound of your heart beating
And learn the steps of your destiny
Identify it, walk in it and above all, live it, every single breath of your existence on earth!

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