“Without You”

ssHow long has it been now?
Since you’ve been gone
I don’t know anymore, I’ve lost count of the years
But I still miss your loving smile, each passing day
Each day feels like the last moment I spent with you
My tears never stopped flowing since the last day you breath your last, in my arms

My heart was completely shattered, the day I lost you forever
I knew it was all over for me
Each day, I wish it was me, and not you, in that box
I feel as though I lost myself in the grave, along with you
I still wish it was only a dream and I would wake from it sooner
I wish you were never gone, so far away
I wish I could turn back the hands of time and get you back with me

I still remember the last words you said to me
“I promise to always be there….. “I love you”
But where are you now?
You left my world so cold
Never got the chance to tell you I loved you back
Before you slipped from my world
I know I could never see you again
I could never touch you and kiss you again
I could never look back at you and say the words I feel so deep in my heart
I could never tell you how much you mean to me, daily
I could never wake up, next to you, ever again

But I want you to know this:
No one would ever take your place in my heart
No one will ever make me feel so alive, like you did
No one! There’s no one, like you
No one could ever do the things you did, to make me feel so loved & complete
You are, and will always be, my precious soul
I will always love & miss you dearly
Life is just not the same, without you

*Dedicated to those out there, who have lost a special someone*


9 thoughts on ““Without You”

  1. Wow, this brought tears, Eve…written with intensity and emotion, so very powerful and one I can relate to, but not in a romantic sense…I’ve lost many friends and loved ones, including my Mom, so in this way, I can feel your pain…Hugs!


    • Awww
      Thanks Lauren
      I felt I should talk about it, coz I know many people can relate to it in someway
      It felt so real to me like it was really happening to me
      And you can imagine how emotional I was, while I was writing
      May the souls of the ones we’ve lost find everlasting peace in the lord…. Amen


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