“Life: The Lesson Guide”


Things I’ve learned about life:

Life goes on, whether you exist in it or not….
No one really cares about you, until you make yourself known to them….
Nothing comes easy, except the words that come out of a lying tongue….
No one is right, till they win you over….
There’s no need to speak, if you can’t defend your words correctly….
You can be the best person in the world, but it doesn’t stop others from hating your guts….
There is no good person nor is there any bad person; individual actions are just interpreted differently….
Words are usually more respected/accepted than actions; it’s why people make wrong choices….
You cannot do a good job on other people, if you haven’t tried it on yourself first….
Forgiveness is not the only option after a betrayal, but it’s the only medicine that can cure the headache….
The right thing to do is never the first choice you make; you must get it wrong, to get it right….
Being at peace doesn’t mean there’s no anger left inside you; it’s just a way of showing the other person that you are in control of your emotions….
A step taken doesn’t automatically predict the way up the ladder of success….
No one understands you, until you let them into your deepest thoughts….
You cannot be yourself around everybody and expect to get the same reactions….
If everybody loves you; you have a problem and if everybody hates you; you have a bigger problem….
Life is too short; it’s why everyone seems to be in a haste….
If you listen more than you speak; you may gain more, than, just spitting irrelevance in the faces of others….
If you don’t know how to discard people, you will be the one getting dumped too often….
If you haven’t learned anything about life, at least know the fact that; nothing is exactly the way it seems. There are many questions to life, but, with very little available answers.


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