“Far Away”




Far away
I try to reach for your hands
But all I feel is the wind between my fingers
Far away
I long for you in my arms
But to hold myself in place
Far away
I seek your comfort
But to hold on to my dying strength instead
Far away
I called out for you
But I got no answer
Far away
My heart is overwhelmed
Far away
I see nothing but the loneliness that surrounds me daily
Far away
It seems like a lifetime
Love does not hurt me
But the distance is killing me
So far, so near
The only thing keeping me alive
Is the undying love burning in my heart
Is there any survival in this?
I ask myself
I hope; I pray and I keep longing for the moment
The moment I won’t have to worry anymore
The moment you will be so near
To have; to hold; to share and to cherish
If I had just one wish to survive in this
I wish you were never so far away


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