Breathe…! Breathe…! Breathe!!!

I hear my heart scream from within 

I have a voice 

But it cannot be heard 

I can do something 

But I am not allowed to do anything 

My mind just lingers in this circle

My heart grows weary of the circumstance

The more I think things through 

The more I’m feeling suffocated 

My struggle for a voice has left me speechless 

My fight for a life renders me handicapped 

I no longer enjoy the things I longed for 

No longer see the point of letting it all out 

And so I drown in my tears 

I am left to shut my mind from my heart 

Left to feel and not reason 

But in silence I await my freedom 

Someday… Maybe, one day, my voice will be heard

Until then… I must learn to breathe in this silence.


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