“No One But Me”


I wake up somedays
And I feel like there’s
No one but me in this world
No one to talk to
And nowhere to turn

When I try to say what I feel
It’s like I’m the only one listening to me
If I try to scream for help
My voice is just an echo in an empty room
Even when I try to listen
It’s like I’m the only one talking

The world thinks it’s okay to feel what I feel
How can they understand what I’m feeling from their own point of view?
The world says, “Don’t worry you’ll be fine”
How can they know that if they haven’t first understood my situation?
The world says, “Don’t think about it, thinking is bad
Is it possible for a person to shut her mind off completely?

I sometimes find myself in a crowd
But I still feel like I’m alone with my thoughts
I sometimes see myself talking to people
That don’t even understand the words coming from my mouth
I have seen people who are similar to me
But it still feels as though I’m alone in my own world

What do I do then?
I’ll write if I cannot talk about it
I’ll sing when I cannot write 
I’ll think when I cannot find the words
Coz sometimes, the world just needs the silence!


2 thoughts on ““No One But Me”

    • Wow! Many thanks for this nice comment and your help with the social media platform. I feel very honored! I hope to keep you much more inspired in the coming days. I will definitely return the favor 🙂


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