“What The School Will Not Teach You”


Everybody is advised to go to school to gain knowledge that only a school environment can provide. Some parents, especially blacks, even go as far as forcing school education on their children. They claim that a child can “only” succeed if he/she goes to school. Attaining a million certificates seem to be more attractive and applaudable in their eyes.
Do you know that the school can only teach you how to read and to write but will not teach you how to learn?

Being smart is not restricted to how well you can put words in paper but how well you are able to practice the knowledge you have gained. That explains why some people are brilliant (good at theory) but are not intelligent (not good at practicals). Intelligence is not specifically attributed to reading as much as it is to learning.

Reading is important to gaining knowledge but learning is something which must come from the heart. Reading cannot be qualified as a passion, but is best described as a hobby. A person’s hobby is his area of interest; what he enjoys doing but is not necessarily attached to an emotion. You just love doing it! But passion is heart felt. It is something you desire and have a strong will to do, regardless of the time, energy and effort you put in it.

The world’s best technologies and ideas were created by people who did things not to get a score but developed new and different ideas, at their own will and pace. They tried, failed at it, appreciated the failures and never gave up the will to try again, until they got it right!

Can the school teach you to have a will? NO! Because a school is a place you gain prior knowledge for the wisdom you are able to apply on your own. The school can inspire your will but won’t teach you the willingness to do something; that is entirely up to you.

Parents, Guardians, Brothers and Sisters out there; going to school is not enough to lead. Adequate effort and passion attained through learning, is the key to leading a successful life.


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