“Shine On!”

shine on

Have you been…
Emotionally stressed; Physically battered; Spiritually broken; Psychologically traumatized?

Have you had…
An unfortunate past; A painful experience; A tortured life; Moments of terror

Have you been…
Lonely; Tormented; Rejected; Disappointed; Betrayed

Do you feel…
Regrets; Vengeful; Ashamed; Dismayed; Lonely; Broken

You still breathe
You still have the chance to live again
You still have the chance to right the wrongs
You still have the chance to start afresh

You need to believe that:
Life must come with ups and downs
Every human has his own unique challenges
A failure is one who has given up hope
As long as you are still breathing
There is hope for better days to come

Do you know that:
You are not alone in your struggle
Out of ten sad stories out there
You are one success story

Someone out there:
Needs you
Cares for you
Wants to help you conquer
Just needs you to smile back at them

It doesn’t matter:
How rough the past has been
What challenges you face today
The struggle still ahead for tomorrow
Life must go on

Do not forget:
You deserve to love and be loved
You deserve to be treated with respect and care
You deserve to be truly happy
You deserve to smile from the heart
You deserve to live life to the fullest

You are a shiny light in a dark world
Shine on!
Let nothing and no one stop your shine!


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