shadowI searched deep in my heart
Looked far and near
Seen just about
Everything there is to see
Known much more
Than I should have known
The questions keep coming back
The answers unknown

It’s obvious I’ve been in denial
I can now see that
It’s all been in the shadow
None of it was real
It’s all been in my fantasy
Been my own imagination
Of what ought to be
My blind creation
Of what my eyes must see

So I guess you were right
All along
You saw the signs
Even before I could
You could tell
What I was feeling inside
You touched my heart
Like none other could
You were always right
Knowing just how much
My heart was longing for
Yes, you are so right!

I feel like I now have answers
To the many questions
It’s clearer to me now
I no longer have to
Look in the shadow
I no longer have to search
What was not lost after all
I have finally found
What I’ve been looking for
My vision is clearer now
It’s been you the whole time

You’ve been the shadow
Watching me
Every step of my search
It feels good to finally know
That you were not lost after all


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