I’ll look into the sky
To see the sky smile back at me
I’ll walk the same road I walk today
As a different person from what I am on this day
My hands would feel that which my heart dreams
The waters will pave way for me
Where I sit now will be a thing of the past
I won’t be the one to tell my story
Someone else will do it for me
The words I whisper in my heart
Will sound so loud from my lips
My heart will sing a new song of grace
I will look back with smile on my face
To see just how far I’ve grown
From where I once knew so well

But until then…..
I’ll live every morning like never before
I will fly the wings of faith
I’ll work till my sweat becomes my daily food
My hopes will grow for the best
I challenge the storms of life!
Until that day comes….
I’m happy just being in my own little corner
With eyes on the fortunes of tomorrow!


6 thoughts on ““Someday….”

  1. This is beautiful and inspiring, Eve! I got goosebumps and this could be a daily mantra for many of us…”with eyes on the fortune of tomorrow” awesome ending exuding hope and possibilities. Hugs and blessings to you..


    • Thanks so much, Lauren!
      If life was all about the bitter, then there will be no reason to be hopeful for the sweet. True, this could be a daily mantra for many of us… if not all of us.
      Hugs to you dear and many more blessings to you!

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