Some days
my eyes are in the sky
Other days
Same eyes search the ground
There are some moments I just want to scream with joy
And some moments solitude is the feeling
Some times I feel so honored
At times, I feel so lost
At some point
Living is the best gift I look forward to
But I think sometimes
And I am not even sure I know why I am still here
Some days I feel so rich at heart
Other days I barely have enough to share

Everyday may not hold the same blessings
Some moments feel like a testimony
And some seem like a hard test
This day may hold many tears
And tomorrow’s laughter
An unstoppable flow of praise
Darkness may cloud my sight
But like the stars I will shine so bright

If everyday were only laughter
My eyes would have gone blind by now
There will be no tears to wash them clean
If everyday were made like fine wine
I would drunk and dead now
For there will be no cause to wake up and to work
If life gave just one blessing each waking day
Death would feel a lot better
I would have been living 365 days like day one

But I’m thankful for the sweet and the sour moments
Glad to have encountered friends and foes
Happy to wake up to new challenges
Filled by spirit of love and compassion of every new dawn
Most especially
I’m greatly blessed by YOU
For keeping me hopeful and faithful
Every moment in time

Gratitude for being human and being so blessed
Even in the heat of life.


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