Crazy In Love Over You


I want you
You want me
I need you
You need me like I do
I feel you
You feel my heart in you
I can pretend to sleep at night
But my mind won’t sleep
Thoughts of your love
Occupies my dreams
I can try to go on a day without you
But it’s nothing compared to you being here
Can’t think
Can’t sleep
Every time I close my eyes
It’s that sweet smile on your face I see
That smile that makes me wonder
How did I ever get through to you?
Those eyes you place on me
Telling me just how much you cherish this
You light up every part of my heart
The way no one else can
You make me feel a special way
No one else will
I can’t explain this rush of emotion
Not sure my heart understands either
But in my mind I know
I’m going crazy in love over you

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