“Never Getting Back Again! “


You tell me you miss me
Yet you are still missing
You say let’s work it out
I only see you walking out
You say you don’t wanna lose me
That only makes me wanna lose it
You yell out, “Fuck it!”
Yea you fucking her again !
One minute you are good
The next you are rude
One day you act so nice
The next you are as cold as ice
I will never understand your ways
I may never run with your pace
You get no chance to abuse me anymore
I’ll tolerate your torture no more
I could care less what you think of me now
My heart’s shut you out completely
You don’t have to pretend to care anymore
When in fact you careless
You don’t have to plead any longer
That only makes me bleed even more
Been through the worst with you
My heart can’t take any more of you
And now it’s my heart saying
I love you no more
Walk the other direction
We are never getting back again!
My doors are now shut for good!


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