“Some Nights”


Some nights I stay up
Watching and waiting
To see where this road truly ends
Some nights
I feel the grip of loneliness
When I can’t sleep
Watching the time go by
Hoping and wishing
I will one day have you close to me
Some nights
My heart goes through the emotions alone
I can’t help my mind from thinking too much
Over and over again
The emptiness of not having you near
Some nights
I hope that one day
I can rest my head
Knowing that you are here with me
Some nights
Wishes become dreams to me
Some nights
Dreaming is sweeter than the reality before me
Some nights
I listen to the song over and over again
Not because I love the song so much
But because it reminds me of the times I wish I had you
Days go by
And the night turns to day
I may never truly know how I feel
Some other nights
But tonight
Like every other night like this
It’s just me wishing you were here


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