“If You Were Mine….”


If you were mine….
Loving you won’t have been such a huge pain in my heart
Searching your heart won’t have to be an endless task
To see if I’ve got a little bit of space in there
You with me, wouldn’t have to be just my fantasy
Waking up to thoughts of you
Won’t  have to be such a struggle in my mind

If you were mine….
All I’ll ever need, is you
All I’ll ever dream, is us taking that walk
All I’ll ever want, is me being free to express the depth of my heart
All I’ll ever pray, is never to lose you
All I’ll ever be, is the world you’ve been missing all along

But you’re not mine now
You belong with someone else
Your world revolves around another
I could never fit in the puzzle of your heart
I could never share the dreams I have of you
You may never understand any word I say to you now
All I can do is watch you grow with another
Hoping that one day
It will be you, me and none other

If you were mine….
I’d erase all of my thoughts and write you my heart


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