“Clueless: Why We Stick Together “


Sometimes we mean the world to eachother
At times we feel like we’ve had just enough
Sometimes we create beautiful memories
At times we wish the memories would be forgotten
Sometimes we stay strong together
At times we lose ourselves in the struggle
Sometimes it’s like a fairytale
At times it’s like a movie with a sad ending
Sometimes we go all out to support eachother
At times we don’t even wish to see eye to eye
Sometimes we cherish the moments together
At times we create the distance to tear us farther apart
Sometimes we know how to be right with eachother
Some other times, we just don’t care if we’re wrong
Sometimes we are so in love
Some other times, it’s like a battlefield
Sometimes we talk as best friends
Some other times, we pretend to not know eachother
Sometimes we enjoy the cuddle and love making
At times that hurts even more

All the good and bad times we’ve shared and spent together
The moments of love and loss
The way we fight and makeup as though nothing happened
Through all of these things, together
So many times, we’ve found a way of filling the little gap between us
And this is why we stick together
Coz sometimes, we are clueless on what to do with eachother.


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