“You get lost and never come back! Ungrateful lowlife!”

Those were the last words she heard her say

She left with no words

There was no way she would prove her innocence

Where would she begin narrating her side of the story?

Who could stand in her defence?

Who could believe any word she said?

When the only one person, she could trust

Has turned her back on her

Who else could she turn to now?

Out in the frosty night

Like a stray dog with no home

There was no place of refuge

What happened on that night?

No one else was there to witness it

No one but she

Who would believe her story now?

Even the walls were deaf to her voice

Could she take responsibility

For a crime she did not wilfully commit?

Would she have to suffer her whole life

For a misconception of one night?

No where to go and no one to listen

Who knew what had happened on that fateful night?

Everyone had their own side of the story

And it still remains a tale untold



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