“Hard Blow”

punch line

You tell me, “Do it this way”
I do as you ask
You tell me, “I want it that way”
I do not question
You say to me, “I don’t like it that way”
I oblige to your request
You tell me, “Wait till I get back”
I cannot do otherwise
You say to me, “Give it your best shot”
I give in all I have
You say to me, “Do no wrong”
I always want to do right

All I do is for your own happiness
All I think is how to please your stubborn mind
All I am is to serve your insatiable needs
But you do not see through my every motive
You do not care to know how you make me feel
You never understand when I speak my mind
You do not give credit to my every move
You do not attend the wounds you cause me
You just don’t acknowledge the drudge you made of me

You hit me a hard blow
You see no good in me
You treat me like a waste of space
You make me feel so low of myself
You think I do not deserve your goodwill
But I understand so much now
I understand I will never be good enough for you
I understand you are difficult to please
I understand the only way you win is by my faults
I understand you may never see
Beyond your clouded judgement of me
I understand this much
And so, I must leave now
I must watch as you bleed
From a distance
Maybe you can understand this much
When I’m gone from you forever


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