Adieus Dearest Brother!

482362_10151553808420269_2008024208_nChoking on my tears
Living gives me fears
Next day could be the last
No one knows
When its time to answer the call
But what next when it’s all over?
We barely know it yet

We live and we die
And someday, we must answer the call
Sooner or later
It will all end somewhere below the ground
Should we continue living or we die?
The latter, a choice we hate to make

Sometimes the end we seek
When the struggle become too hard to bear
Little do we know
That the ones we leave
Would feel the pain of their loss
That’s if we know how it feels to cry anymore
When we are far gone in the heavens

He’ll probably say, “don’t cry, for I’m with the lord”
But who can suffer this pain in silence?
The heart feels so much grief
But who can refuse the call of nature?

If the mouth could say so much
The heart won’t need to feel pain
Words can’t express how we feel now
This new pain is just too real
How can you be gone so soon?
But who are we to even question?
Deeply saddened by your exit
But God knows better

If only “goodbye forever”
Meant “see you tomorrow”
We won’t be saying goodbye on this note
Adieus Dear Brother!
May you find peace in His bosom

*Rest In Perfect Peace Olakunle Popoola*


14 thoughts on “Adieus Dearest Brother!

  1. I am so heartbroken… think that I saw him last two weeks in front of his house but was too much in a hurry to turn back and say hi….I wish I had made that u – turn! I feel soo much pain bcos I had the opportunity to talk to him and I neglected it! May His soul rest in perfect peace!


    • May his soul rest well.. Amen. We can’t really control the things we do at times. No one would have known his time was up so soon. But we must give thanks for the time spent and hope for his eternal rest. Thanks much Becky


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