I_Miss_You__by_xunfoldingmysoul3To sleep or stay awake?
A tough choice to make
Each time you creep into my dreams
I’m unsure if I wanna sleep some more
Or wake up to the reality of you by my side
But a dream is all I can wish for with you
If holding you so close is a million miles away

Can’t sleep nor do I want to stay awake
Thoughts of you won’t leave my unrest mind
I long to behold the beauty I see in my dreams
Long to taste the sweetness inside of you
I long to feel the warmth of your embrace
But all there is, is a dream come true someday

I wait endlessly for your return
Each moment I’m dreaming and waiting
Leaves an impression of you on me
I long to see that day
The day you are only a heart beat away
The day I’m finally woken from these dreams


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