FTC-Sleeping-Beauty-lCold days
Warm embrace
Thoughts of you warms the depth of my heart
The very first time
Seemed like an impossibility

How could you ever capture a heart like mine?
Who could have thought that one day
It will be me falling into you

My heart beats so strong
Every second of every minute I’m with you
My soul seeks your grace
Every minute of every hour I’m thinking of you
My body longs for you
Every hour of every day I’m without you
The whole of me feels your presence
Each and every day that passes by

You have taken from me
What no one could ever see
You have given to me
What no one could ever measure
You have shown to me
What no one has ever done
You have captured in me
Like never done before

As the days go by
You’ve become my shinning star in the sky above
As time passes
You have been my comfort in moments of loneliness
Almost makes me feel like an obsession over you
If there’s one thing that feels no wrong
It’s falling helplessly in love with you


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