“The Forbidden Fruit”


The sweet-sour taste of pleasure
Temptation borne with consequences
Yet, so irresistible to avoid
Cravings so strong
Yet, too risky a chance to take
Sacrifices too great to commit
Yet, unavoidably acceptable

Clear knowledge of the risks
Yet, a burning desire hunts you inside
Obvious awareness of its consequences
Yet, an unending craving for pleasure
Bites every corner of your mind
All odds glaring right before you
But the fears are no limitation to its approval

The forbidden fruit….
How can one resist its beauty?
If your heart feels no guilt of its pleasure
How can one tell of its evil?
If every part of you makes it feel so right
How can one avoid its dangers?
If all of you is willing to take the risks
How can one fight the temptations?
If it feels like an opportunity of some sort
How can you avoid a taste of the forbidden fruit
If its the one thing your heart seeks to behold?


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