Asian Muslim lady paintingsPromises……
Debt or death?
A sacrifice to make or consequence to face?
Firm or frail?
Who can tell what the future holds?
Bind or prank?
What is the motive behind it?
Simple or complex?
How does it make you feel? Better or worse?

Speak not of it, if you can’t keep it
Accept not the prize, if you can’t pay the price
Seek not in revenge, coz it might turn on you
Force not in anxiety, coz it might blow up on you

If you must say it, be sure to mean it
If you mean it, be sure to keep it
If you keep it, be sure to stay faithful
If you are faithful, be sure its not compromised
If its not compromised, be sure its till the end

Be sure of what you seek
Be confident in what you want
Be watchful, for it is not an easy road
Be mindful, for temptations do come easy
Above all,
Be careful what you wish for

It may be the correct thing at the time
But it just might not be right in the end
The moment may just be right
But it doesn’t really make it right
The future is uncertain
One promise can change the fate of the future
Debt or death?
To live free or to live in fear?
Soul unrest or a soul at rest?


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