Caged in pain and regrets
Unable to breathe nor escape
Unsure of the world outside this trap
Unwilling to find a way out
I’ve stayed trapped in for so long
I seem to have lost my mind being so caged in, far too long

But for your love,
I am willing to try again
Ready to take on the world
Not sure how to begin
Nor where to start looking
I do not know if it’ll be any easy
My heart longs to feel you so close
My souls seeks a home of rest

For your love,
I am willing to do all it takes
To get out of this cage
To fill the empty space I’ve left untouched
Willing to make an effort to do better than to sit and watch
Willing to do my best to make things right with you
To make sure that you are not left alone in this

I need a break out of this cage!
But I cannot do this all by myself
I need you by me always
I need the strength to push forward
I need you to show me the way out of this
I need you to never grow tired of trying
I need your help out of this cage
Can you stand by me through it all?


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