kurtz__s_oil_sketch_by_bearonunicycle-d3fiqbyI am scared!
So afraid that I’ve lost my way
All around me seems so dark
Can’t seem to see the way to go
From this dark, lonely path I’ve followed through
With the blindfold clouding my vision
How can I see the light?
How can I find my way?
How can I understand my path?

I envision a light before my eyes
But, I’m still blinded by the darkness
That I’ve held so close within
Blinded by the hate & contempt
That I feel in my heart
Blinded by the unrest & bitterness of my soul
Blinded by my anguished & unforgiving spirit
How can I see the light before me
When I’m so blinded by my thirst & hunger for revenge?
How can I feel the light in me
When I’m so blinded by my desire & passion for destruction?

I feel the need to get rid of this blindfold
But my angry spirit won’t let me
I feel it’s time I let go for real
But these pains still depress me
How can I make peace
If I can’t hold on to the light I seek?
How can I embrace happiness
When evil clouds my reasoning?
How can I let go
When I can’t seem to find any closure?
How can I find my way
When all I see is the darkness that consumes me

In my struggle for peace & forgiveness
I believe……………
It’s time I gave in to the light before me
It’s time I removed this blindfold obstructing my vision
It’s time I let go of the darkness dragging me so far behind
It’s time I found myself again
Before my spirit dies in this dark space I find myself now
It’s time I moved on from this anguish shadowing my fortune
It’s time I made peace with the evils surrounding me
It’s time I left the darkness behind me
It’s time to look forward
To the shinny bright light
The time has come
For me to remove this blindfold



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