“Me, You & Guns”

people-gun-silhouettes-175502791“Take the gun”
“No! Its my turn now”
I never wanted this
Never wanted to be whom you made of me
Never thought it would be Me, You & Guns someday
What’s the fuze all about?
Who’s right and who’s wrong?
Who’s the victim and who’s the culprit?
All I needed was a talk with you
But you insisted on guns
You left me no choice
Is it me? Or is it you not wanting to let go?
Why do you have a loaded gun pointed at me?
Do you not see anything wrong in you too?

Your striking threats and abuses
I’ve tried to dodge those bullets far too long
We may never come to a compromise
It’s like this war is never ending
I’m tired of the constant fights and control
You seem to aim even better than I can
As much as I try to avoid those bullets
As much as I try to stay away
You are never letting go of your fury
Your words won’t stop shooting at my heart
Your presence won’t stop killing my pride

What’s left to talk about now?
Is this the beginning of an end to us?
Are we done here or what?
I’m so uncomfortable with what you might do
When my back’s turned
Tired of looking over my shoulders
Thinking you might shoot in any second
So let’s just get it over with
I’m ready to face your threats
What is it you seek of me?
Are we gonna stay and kill each other here?
Are we just gonna walk away from all of these?
And move on with our lives apart?
I have tried so hard to be reasonable with you
Restrained from pulling the trigger
So for the last time…..
Are we gonna end this or not?


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