32 nude art (www.cute-pictures.blogspot.com)Heartbeat
Soft race
Kindle light
Graced upon a soul, yet, undying
The one who knew no love
Believed not, in its beauty
Wrapped in the light of its pleasure
Under the wings of its compassion

Now you see me naked
There’s no hiding from you anymore
No lies to cover me up
Now you see right through and inside me
The weakness locked within
Now you know who I really am
You see through the lines of my embodiment
Now you know what I look like, inside and out

Now you see me naked
You see the truth
I kept away for so long
Now you know why I wear so many colors
You see what I feel inside

Now you see me naked
I’m not sure what it tells you
But, please don’t make me regret
This nakedness I put before your eyes
It’s all yours to behold
Please thread softly

Now you see me naked
Make it beautiful
A beauty that satisfies your every desire
A touch that holds all your fantasies in one
A beauty that keeps your soul so focused
A warm embrace on your frozen heart
Make a beauty out of me
While I stand so naked before you


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