“Girl Code”


Okay we’ve heard of the “guy code,” there seem to be a lot of them anyway. But what is the “girl code?” Just to mention a few:

1) The Sleep-over- This is very important….Never EVER leave anything behind, after a sleep-over! Many ladies make this mistake all the time! He’s your boyfriend, perhaps, just a fling; you not sure of the future with him and so you cannot “forget” or intentionally leave any of your stuff behind. Be sure to look around and look in your bag to be sure you got all the stuff you brought in, and of course, the ones given, if any.
#Code# Sleep like its your last and leave like you never coming back!

2) When to say “I love you” back- This one I call a trick. He strokes your hair, kisses you and smiles at you and says “I love you” perhaps too soon. But you are so needy and lonely inside you and you fall back with a big smile and you say “I love you too/more.” NO, NO, NO! You can’t be that easily swayed. If and when you are ever put on the spot like that and you not sure of his intentions, especially when its too soon or too good to be true, here’s how you respond:
*smile back and say, “that’s so sweet of you, thank you” (here, it leaves him thinking hard and for a man who understands, he’ll do more than just to bed you to prove it!).
Also, if you sense some sincerity in him and you probably feel the same way, *when you’ve both established a relationship* The first time he tells you “I love you,” *smile back, wait for a couple of minutes, when his thoughts are slipping off, look back at him and say “I love you” (trust me, with this, he will respect you for not being so jumpy and emotionally needy).
#Code# Make him work for it, even if he’s got it, leave him thinking and wishing for more!

3) Being the “wife” material- Here’s one very dangerous part of a relationship. You would like to be his wifey but not sure what he thinks about you. So you are trying so hard to be all perfect and “wife material.” First, remember he knows you are human and there’s nothing perfect in you. Secondly, there’s nothing you will be doing differently from other ladies he’s been with. Thirdly, any sign of desperation will leave him running far away from you. Here’s the thing, NEVER ever turn yourself into his ready-made toy for the sake of being his Mrs! DON’T think doing house chores; making yourself available to his sexual desire and being miss calm & quiet, even when you not happy will make you that woman, sorry but that’s the lame way of doing it.
#Code# Be close by, but not readily available. Get distracted with other things, he should be the one searching & chasing, not you!

4) The keys- I love this part of a relationship, it means its gotten to a very important level. BUT be careful, he’s in love and not entirely stupid. The fact that you have complete access to his house or office, maybe his passwords too, doesn’t give you the right to be a sneaky gum on him. He’s giving you the privilege and not the authority to barge in on him and make his life unbearable to breathe. Its good you have the keys, but pls call before you even make the move to pay him a visit (be sure you not the one initiating the visits all the time too). If you have his passwords, he’s probably thinking in the line of wifeing you, so don’t jinx it by reading his mails EVERYTIME! You not his secretary or his personal assistant, you should never make that your duty to keep tabs on him. Keep the passwords but be sure to check on him when there’s something of concern to you and not just anyhow. But be ready for whatever you see in there!
#Code# Make him trust you with his bank account and not just his wallet!

5) Miss Independent- There’s no denying the fact that, every man loves a “miss independent.” No matter how rich a man his, he wants to know if you can stand your ground in his absence. Ladies, no matter how broke your are, NEVER put all your financial tasks on a man, he’ll run away to a more affordable woman! There’s nothing wrong with him giving you from his heart but don’t make it a habit (not for a day) to ask him to pay your bills, at any point in time. He’ll rather give you from his heart than to feel obliged to part with his money.
#Code# keep him coming with gifts, not with excuses!

6) Your apartment- Loving a man is not that hard, but getting him to feel the same way, even more, is where the problem lies. Your apartment is supposed to be like your “undies.” It’s a place you should never share just anyhow, a place you keep clean and homely, yet, private! A real man would not ask to sleep at your place for a week or more, and he certainly will not make the offer of moving in with you anyway. Any sleep over he’s having MUSTN’T exceed a weekend stay. The more time he spends in your bed, the less he feels for you in the long-run.
#Code# Don’t give out the whole bunch of keys , keep one or two aside!

7) When its not his place- Here’s one I really dislike, “we’re crashing in at my friend’s place….” What! Just excuse yourself from that scene! The moment you agree to that, you lose the best part of your respect in the eyes of the friend(s) and the man in question. Worst of is sneaking in his parents’ house, wrong move! You can’t be announcing to everyone that you both are getting intimate, even if it never happened, as long as there are eye witnesses, IT DID HAPPEN.
#Code# Fling or relationship, leave no eye witnesses behind your back!

8) Leading him on- Here’s one thing that pisses a guy off totally, if you not willing or ready for it, call it off quickly before you both get stuck. Believe it or not, as a lady, you tend to get emotionally concerned when you’ve pushed too far with a guy and you can’t seem to tell him off. NEVER get stuck on a fling, its a road to misery.
#Code# Don’t get too carried away if its just for the fun, the shorter time you spend in it, the better for your peace of mind!

9) The public affair- If he isn’t for keeps or you not so sure of his intentions just yet, there’s no reason to introduce him to the world! That can make him take a few steps backward anyway. The lesser people know of him, the easier it is for you, IF anything goes wrong between you two.
#Code# Its a private affair, until he’s taken it a few steps further!

10) Your relationship status- This one is simple! You are not married yet, you not answering to his name yet, so why are you gushing all over the place cause he’s in your life? Be real, its not certain till its final. So be careful how your emotions drive you.
#Code# you are single till you say “I do.” Don’t get too carried away!

*Just to mention a few*


7 thoughts on ““Girl Code”

  1. I once said “I love you” by accident in a moment I wanted to say something slightly similar, but just a heat of the moment thing. I then corrected myself and said “I meant to say ….” and I think that made it worse lol 🙂


  2. If you keep acting sop regimented in a relationship, one day you’ll find out that you are old and alone.
    Its never too early or too late to show affection, sleep over, say I love you or do any of those good stuff that can also be bad stuff.

    take this from a dude, love is not so practical…every situation requires a different approach.


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