“Broken Pieces…..”

20069_1311565662488_1031032488_30974935_2438757_nI look in her eyes…….
All I see are pains from the past
A broken spirit
Lurking so close, within
My head wondering why she hurt so much
My heart tearing apart with dismay
A sight I can’t bear to watch anymore
A feeling I can’t bear to keep anymore
Why is she so torn in the flesh?
Why is she so broken and frustrated?

Did I do anything wrong?
Do I cause her so much pain?
Why does she say, “You won’t understand”
When in fact, she doesn’t even understand herself
When will she learn to let go
And let me in on her pain?
How long, till these growing pains turn into a lifestyle?
Can she not see what this is doing to me?
Does she not care how this can affect my path?
Why does she feel its okay to sow such seeds into my soul?
So many questions I ask myself, as I ponder on

She’s always complaining
Even when I’ve done nothing wrong
She’s always in tears
Even when I felt I earned her smiles
She never wants to talk about it
Each time I ask about him
She’s in misery
Even when in the midst of loved ones
She’s never really there
Even when she promises to care
She’s never been a shoulder
Because she already carries so much weight

I do not know him
But I hate that he’s made her so bitter towards me
I do not care who he was
But I wish he were here to explain it all to me
He’s never been here
But I wish he were present to see whom she’s become
I do not feel for him
Not until I know the truth

I wish she could just open up to me, someday
So I know why she makes me feel as empty
I wish there was something I could do differently
Maybe she will learn to love me better
Going through these punishments
For a crime I knew nothing about
Life now feels like broken pieces from her mirror
It feels as though, my life is a reflection of her memories

 Many, at times, do not know the kind of seeds they sow in the lives of their children, due to their own past mistakes. Then wonder why their children do not behave so well or fail in their path of life, when in fact, they contributed greatly to it.
Never allow your child feed from the seeds of misery, or they will grow to be miserable themselves. Caution your pain and agony with love and respect for your child.
It doesn’t matter what pains you are nursing, learn to be a victor and not a victim, towards your child. Do not transfer the pains of the past to your child, or they will grow to be just what you’ve always hated!


6 thoughts on ““Broken Pieces…..”

  1. Beautiful, heartfelt writing, Eve, and wise words at the end, too…I don’t know what my hubby and I did right, but we thank God everyday for how responsible and caring our daughter and son, now 22 & 18, have turned out to be…:)


    • Many thanks for this lovely comment Lauren.
      The inspiration came from personal experience and many encounters around me, so I thought to talk about it, for those who have similar situation to be aware that its never too late to rechannel the footsteps and not repeat or try to rewrite history.
      I’m happy to learn your children were well brought up. If only, all parents can do the same, especially mothers; they are the first book we learn from and if the book contains so many negativity, its all going tell on the offsprings in the longrun.
      Many thanks again Lauren!


      • So true, Eve, are your words…and yes, there are parents around us here whose son’s are spiraling into
        disrespect for them, depression and attempted suicide. These are boys who were friends with our son when they were little and the families are very well off and seem like good people. It’s very sad and I’m keeping them all in my prayers, hoping the boys get through these “phases” and are able to pull out and lead normal lives…


      • I can just imagine what those boys were made to go through, living and learning all sort of awkward behavior…
        my prayer goes to them too; someday, somehow, they will realise things for themselves and just decide to be better leaders.


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