“Deep Sea”


At sunrise
There’s only a reason to rise again
It’s the wake of a brand new day
A day filled with the pleasure of a new mystery
A mystery to be unraveled
By its scent and beauty
The beauty of an adventure
An adventure into the deep
So far and so wide, as deep as the sea
A sea of unexplained emotions

Don’t wake me up when I travel so far
I’m only as far as my heart can go
Don’t stop me if I get too deep
I’m only as deep as my heart tells me
Don’t be afraid if I drown in it
I’m only drowned in the moment
Don’t blame me if I fall too hard
It’ll only be a while, till I’m back up
Don’t miss me when I’m gone
It’s just for a bit, till I’m drawn to coast
Don’t cry if I’m lost somewhere in the middle
I’ll sure find my way back, somehow


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