Walk of Faith


Memories are like the ray of sun
Sometimes, when you are faced with it
You try so hard to avoid looking too much into it
But it won’t stop pacing into you
That’s the feeling I have
When my mind travels back in time
Flashes of the times we’ve traveled & soiled so far……
Its only been you and me, in our own small world

There are times I’ve put you through the worst of emotions
But you never gave up the walk with me
At times, I’ve caused your heart to bleed
Yet, your love for me knew no pain
Days I had almost left you walking alone
But your hands never left its hold on me
Moments I thought I had completely lost you
Not knowing it was only a plot to rekindle the love in you

The many nights I left you to sleep alone, without me sleeping next to you
And I wake up to see you had found a way to snuggle beside me, where I slept
All the tears and pain I may have put you through
You still haven’t grown tired of this walk of faith you promised to take with me

I won’t  say I’m blessed or I’m just lucky
There’s no doubt in me that, this was a seal from the heavens above
Just like yesterday, here we are today, its still you and I, walking this path together
This path where there’s no one else allowed, but you and I
Its always going to be you and I, in this walk of faith
Forever and always…..
In your arms, is where I will always love to be
Because incomplete, is what I will be, without you.

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