“Waiting For You…”

jennifer-portrait-painting7It’s been several days of loneliness
Since you’ve been gone
It’s just been me
Looking and waiting by my window
Hoping you will be home soon
It’s a cold world out there
And I wonder how you survive through each day
Waiting has never been easy
But I’ve grown used to doing so with you
Living has been so hard without you
But I’ve grown so patient to see you back home
Standing by the window has not been any fun
But I’ve grown so fond of standing by
That I jump at every movement outside my window
And its never been your footsteps I see approaching
Every knock on the front door
Gives me some kind of hope that you are home
But its never been you standing at the front door
None of these has been easy
But I’ll still be here
Standing by
Looking and hoping
Waiting for you to come home


5 thoughts on ““Waiting For You…”

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