“Hunger & Thirst For Survival”

Fear Not

The fight, the struggle, the hunger, the thirst; it’s all for the survival.

The zeal, the suffering; the sweat, the tears; it’s all for the relevance



There’s nothing as fulfilling as, the power of liberty.

Freedom to have what you want; freedom from control and manipulation; freedom of choice and belief. There’s nothing as great as, the feeling of freedom. It is true that, a free man is a rich man. Of what use will the power and possession be, if you are not free to have it all? The greatest power, given to a man is his freedom. There is no stopping him when he knows he is free from control. Yes, we all need that freedom to choose; we all need that freedom to live; we all desire that freedom to survive. It’s the hunger & thirst for survival!



There’s no greater power than the power of possession.

Unending battle for acquisition. Insatiable quest for gain. No matter how much you have, it’s never really enough.  You must fight and struggle for more. You want to have all it takes to be what you want to be; to be where you want to be and how you choose to live. You desire the power of convenience and authority. Who can claim power without possession? Will a king bow to his servant for a piece of bread? We all have to work and struggle for that power of possession, it is the human nature. We all need to thrive in order to survive through life; and possibly leave something behind when we are gone from this world. Yes, that is the hunger and thirst for survival!



Ability to stand for oneself.

You’re either fighting for it, or you’re being fought for it; either way; it’s what we all long to possess in this never ending struggle; Life! You want to wake up each day, knowing you are able to influence and control everything around you. You desire to be greatly relevant to everyone, and around you. It sure feels good to see yourself being the one they run to and not one to run from. You crave the respect and dignity, everywhere you go. You are in control; you are in charge and you are strong enough to keep it going. Yes, we all want that feeling! We all desire that control, we all crave that relevance. That’s what keeps us in the fight. The determination of not being least but first in all we do. The hunger & thirst for survival!


Freedom (Liberty) is the greatest of all keys. Without it, you have acquired nothing (Possession) and if you have nothing, you have no absolute relevance (Power)!

Life is an unending battle, so we must fight!

The world will not feed us, so we must work!

We have nothing, until we learn to survive!

We all have a common motive; our mode of acquisition is the only difference between us!

If it weren’t for the Liberty, Possession & Power; why then, do you hunger & thirst for survival?


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