“Someone To Love”

3587891771_ebc94715a0That girl……
Kisses her mum goodnight
Tells her, “I love you”
Holds on to her hands
She doesn’t have much
She’s always with a smile
But she cries every night
She’s trying to hold on
No one can hear she’s all alone
Her heart hurts so bad
She closes her eyes
Wishes the best
But all that she wants
Is someone to love

That girl…..
Is all grown up now
She’s rich and famous
Everyone thinks she’s happy
She has it all
But she’s dying inside
Still feels the emptiness of loneliness
Money didn’t change her
Still craves the forever thing
Still feels so alone
Behind the smiles and laughter
Are lines of frustration
She’s still a heart
Looking for someone to love


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