My heart says it all
But the words are lost to my mouth
Wishes and dreams
Are all I hold so close to breath

Written but unspoken
I search all around
To find no words to express the feelings I hold in
Maybe I’m too afraid to lose out
Or it’s the uncertainty of time that scares me most

I hide behind those walls
Thinking they will protect me from those dreams
But they won’t stop the rhythm of my heart
Coz every time I see you
And I look into your eyes
Its a different kind of feeling I get

Words unspoken
How long must this feeling go on?
How long must I stand this pain of silence?
I’m not even sure of what I need to do
When you feel so closed inside you
Each time I try to voice my thoughts
There’s this voice within
Telling me you are not ready
And I can’t say exactly how I feel inside

Life is a mystery
No one wants to be alone
I await a simple signal from you
Feels like a long way to go
I’ve found that special one
But the words are still unspoken
And my heart is breaking, just for you
My arms are open, just for you
Someday, I hope you see what my heart is going through


2 thoughts on ““Unspoken”

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