“No More!”

punchI’m awake to my fears
Yet another day and he’s up with a silly frown
Each day now comes with its own bitterness
I’m scared to fall asleep from the stress
Coz they never go away anyway
Even more afraid to wake up to the tears
Coz they won’t stop rolling down

How did we come to this?
I ask myself, again and again
I remember the start of this journey
It felt as though I was making heaven on earth
The future was all I dreamed at the time
And in the blink of an eye
It’s all blows and swells
Different from the glow and sweetness I once enjoyed

Each waking day feels like I’m suffocating in hell
Help! I’m dying here!
The walls are too close and no one can hear me cry
Stop! I want no more!
He pretends not to even hear me
I should have known I was signing my death
The day I picked up the pen to say “Forever”

No one knows what lies beneath my expensive make up
No one sees the tears behind the plastic smile
I wish to talk about it, but the courage fails my lips
I wish to scream for help, but my voice is only a whisper
I look left and right, but appear to be standing alone

It’s time I chose a better path for me
A path of realization and bravery
These blows are too heavy for me to bear
Tears have washed off the beauty I was once proud of
I look in the mirror and I can’t seem to recognize myself anymore
It’s time to breathe again
Time I gained the strength to say “No More!”
This has to stop! Here and Now! I Want No More!


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