“Just Friends”

161It’s amazing…….
How we fight like lovers
Make up like we are in marriage
Giggle like grandparents
Hold hands like best friends
Look into each other’s eyes like we’re making love
Kiss goodnight like it’s tradition
Wake up to each other’s arms like it’s home

It’s funny……..
How we can’t take our eyes off each other in the midst of other people
And everyone refers to us as  “a couple” but claim we are just friends
How we’ve come to know each others’ friends as our own
How we moved from being “strangers” to “family”
How we try to act like we don’t know what’s going on
But everyone seems to understand what’s between us
How we happen to “just bump” into each other’s way
When in fact, we knew we would meet anyway

It’s exciting……
When we talk so much
And still miss each other dearly
How we get into each other’s thoughts
Like we were in our heads at the same time
How we annoy each other greatly
And still find the moment to laugh at our own mistakes
How we say “I” but mean “we” in actions

All the things we say to each other
And all the things we do together
All the fun memories we make when we are together
And all the emotional struggles we go through within ourselves
All the unpredictable nights
And the unbelievable morning after
Yet….. we are just friends!


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