“Heart of Woman”


I’m a woman
Born through the eye of pain
Bread with the breasts of succor
Held in the arms of hardship
Nurtured by the heart of courage

Oh mother!
Night and day
You worked tirelessly
Provided inevitably
With no praise
You raised your head so high to the sky
Even in pains
You made no complaint!

Oh yea woman!
Your back may have been broken a few times
But it never stopped from picking up the young one
Your heart may have been broken times too many
But it never broke the bond you held close to it
Your legs may have been too tired very often
But it never stopped walking to its duties

The strength of a woman
The courage of a mother
The hope of a generation
The giver of a new life
Home to the hopeless
Faith to the fruitless
A virtue to hold

Daughter… Sister… Friend… Mother… Lover… Wife
The truest of love
The sweetest of spirits
The purest of souls
The kindest of hearts
The bravest of all

What would the world be without a touch of you in it?
What would life have been without a feel of your tears?
What use will the air have brought without your embrace?
What glory will the sun have brought without the beauty of your smile?

Oh yea woman
Pain and joy hold a space in your heart
Even the sun can’t tell the difference when you smile so bright
Tears and laughter flow freely on your cheeks
Even the heavens can’t understand your beauty in the rain

The pains
The tears
The fears
The stress
You still hold on to the strength within
Truly, the heart of woman; priceless as the gift of life itself


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