“Long Walk To Paradise”


The first time I met you
Was the first time I felt you
You were my light in the darkest hour
Yet, the darkness never really got away
You were my comfort in times of sorrow
Yet, the sorrows never really went away
You became my confidant in little moments of loneliness
Yet, I never really understood why my lonely days increased in numbers
You were the life I longed to have
Yet, I felt more, the dead than the living
You were my one good reason to keep the journey going
Yet, the journey never really reached a destination

Days passed by
Changes come by
Life goes by…..
And all the things I thought I loved about you
Now seem like my worst nightmare
All the times I thought I cherished of you
Now seem wasted days to me
All the good things I thought of you
Now seem a bitter revelation before my eyes
You were once the best thing that ever happened to my conscious mind
Now seem a dream I wish I never had

Of all the things I’ve learned from you
Is knowing that its a long walk to paradise after all
A paradise I thought I finally found in you
In reality?
I’m not even half way through the journey yet!


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