“Bleeding Heart”

bleedingheartHow long?
Do I have to hold on to this heart of mine, in my hand
With no one to relieve me off this burden

To what length?
Do I have to keep this going
Before I completely fall into a despair

How many times?
Do I have to keep saying the same things
Until I eventually grow out of words to say

How much?
Do I have to bleed
Before I’m rescued from these shackles around my heart

I just may put my heart back, where it belongs
Or throw it away completely
So I don’t have to go through the pains anymore

But, what’s the possibility of living without a heart?
Does anyone exist without worries and desires?
Can anyone ever win in a world of uncertainty?
To whom do we owe the pain and regrets?
The first one or the next?

Tale of a bleeding heart
Who knows how many times one needs to bleed
To get it all right, at once
Too many trials in life
You never know, which one will make it, the right one!


4 thoughts on ““Bleeding Heart”

  1. Beautiful writing, Eve, and who knows how many times one’s heart has to bleed to find the right match! It all depends on our own individual paths. I also believe in what is meant to be and regarding my faith, what is God’s will for me? There are so many avenues from where we can pull thoughts from, aren’t there? xx


    • Many thanks Lauren
      So true, what will be, will surely be, according to the will of God
      Sure, everything gives thoughts. They are so many things in life that gives perception
      Thanks again Lauren, I always love to read your insights


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