“Echoes of The Heart”


I hear the echoes in my heart
So loud that it resounds in my head
My heart pounding, rather than a soft beat
My head hurts from exhaustion of a confusion

Many times, I hear my heart say, “No way”
But my head keeps saying, “Yes I can”
Both voices hold meaning of different weights
But I must listen to only one of them

My heart may be right on this one
But my head gives reason to believe in its wisdom
Is this an adventure of no return?
Or an unforeseen harvest of good fortune?

Now, the choice has been made
I have borrowed the ears of wisdom
Even though my heart now holds a heavy weight upon me
I still hear the voice of caution in my head
One that keeps me questioning my desires
Voice of warning
That reminds me of the consequence of my choice

I can only pray
The path I have chosen to follow
Which leads to the land of the unknown
Opens my heart to wisdom
The future is still very uncertain
Unknown expectations cloud my mind

I see the light of today
The smoke of yesterday roams in my lungs
It chokes the air out of me
But a decision has been made
And I can only hope that the future will bring fulfillment
With the echoes of the heart
Resounding in my head
I long to see what the future truly holds for me


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