“How Far Will You Go?”


The worst thing that can ever happen to a person is, having to look over their shoulder every now and then
There will be no moment of rest, if most of the time is spent, on the run
But from what?
And to what end?
How far will you go, before your fears & sorrows will catch up with you?
How long would you have to run, to avoid facing the facts?
And what happens when you eventually get caught up?
What will it be, struggle or surrender?
To what end is a race with no finish line?
If survival is the only option in this game, who lives it?
No one knows what lies ahead, but what’s left behind is no stranger 
You don’t have to live a borrowed life
You don’t have to keep running away like a fugitive
If you must run, at least face the odds before you take that step
Goodbyes are painful, but they must be said, in order to find peace in the journey ahead
Have no fear…. go back and do the right thing before embarking on a new path
Many of us would rather walk away silently, than to face the reality before us.
If moving on is the only fate left, best you do so with a clear conscience


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