“Life, Choices & Consequences”


Happiness is not a right. It’s a choice you make with time- True love never comes suddenly

Dancing in the rain is joyful, even more blissful when there’s someone to hold your hands and dance along- True partnership of understanding

The truth is always there. Only those who seek it with an open mind, find it- Honesty should bring forgiveness & not contempt

True love is true sacrifice, without one, the other will fade with the test of time- If you can’t let go & let love, love will soon slip off your grasp

No one was created to be alone, we must always seek the hands of another, no matter what gifts life has brought to the table- Companionship is very important in human life

Sharing doesn’t mean pleasing- If it’s done to please, it will never be done correctly. Give wholeheartedly

You can’t find love with a closed heart & open legs- An open heart is more attractive than open legs

No one is capable of hurting you. Only you can hurt yourself with the choices you make- Don’t blame anyone for your tears, remember, your choice took you there

In life, there are choices to be made, and those choices have their consequences or rewards afterwards. Choose carefully and make smart choices.


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