“Glad I Met You”


Every morning felt like a special kind of dawn
The smile on my face as I open my eyes, knowing that I have you
Thoughts of you in my head all day, like there was nothing else to think of
I felt alive again
Ready to take on the world; our world

No one existed in my world anymore, but you
Gave my heart and my soul, with no question on “why”
Your love felt brand new in the deepest part of my heart
Loving you was the best thing I ever did, at a time
Happy I found love again

Family & friend; you were my all
Even the stars blessed our union as they shone on us
We were made for each other
Made to be together, till eternity
Safety, security, happiness, survival; were all I had with you
Everything felt so real and meaningful to me
The joy in my heart, knew no bound
You, my love, were my one good reason to get up and try again

I’m glad I met you
Happy I found you in my world
So grateful I had you in my life
Pleased your world around me, lit up a new kind of fire in me

Lesson learned
And I’m so glad I left you
Because, now I can bury all those ridiculous memories of you, that I have kept for so long
I can, finally, bury the past, 10feet below me

I am stronger than I was
Wiser now, that I can move on without a distraction of you in my way
Goodbye my lover
It was really nice to meet you afterall!


4 thoughts on ““Glad I Met You”

    • Awwwww
      Thanks for trying so much. I really do appreciate the comment, honestly. And you very much welcome too.
      I hope to keep sharing and also get more inspired by your work.
      Do have a wonderful day ahead


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