“Empty Space”


Guilty pleasures cloud the thoughts within
No place to hide and not a way to run
Head hurts from unforgivable actions
The truth lurking somewhere within
Trust no one but yourself, they say
But what does that even mean, when oneself is its own enemy?

Shame written all over like a cologne made of dark roses
Eyes filled with tears and regret
The heart shouldn’t have run too quickly
And now the mind bears the brunt
Follow your heart they say
But what does that even mean, when it is thy heart that lies the most?

Blinded by lust and forbidden desires
Consequences awaits like a loaded gun
Just pull the trigger already!
Conscience fighting battles that concerns it no more
Listen to your instincts they say
But how is that even true, if the instincts were only leading to a dead end?

Light turns away so fast
And darkness creeps in sooner
What if there was a way back, would it have been different?
What if it can all be right again, would it make any sense?
The mind dances around, in one closed circle; “what if…”
It won’t be long now, judgment will come knocking
Until then, it’s just me in this empty space


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