“Home Sweet Home”


These walls around me
Made of stones
Built, to protect me from the heat of the sun
Warmth from the cold weather
A shield from the dusts of the wind
A shelter to rest my head
A place of survival

In these walls….
I know nothing of the world outside
I only feel safe for a minute, which means there’s no guarantee
I could sleep all day but to what purpose?
I have all I want but none of which I really need
My body only feels the warmth it needs, but my heart is frozen

Every night, I rest my head but it never sleeps off the concerns in my thoughts
These are mere walls that fulfill nothing of my emotional needs
Mere walls that can easily be destroyed and lose its value

I crave much more, than these walls would ever offer
I need to feel the warmth my heart deserves
To feel alive each and every passing day I awake
I need a place of complete safety and fulfillment

These walls, I call a house
It’s just a shelter for my physical wants
But I crave something more, on the inside
They say home is where the heart is
No matter the storm or weather; through trials & tribulations
There’s nothing like the solidity of a home
The bond is incomparable

Home sweet home
A place of laughter and love
Place of peace and good rest
Place of comfort and compassion
A place of complete safety
The place of my dreams; where I ought to be

The difference between living in a house and being in a home
Home sweet home; a place I ought to be


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