“Just The Way You Are”

You don’t have to be like that
You don’t have to cry those tears anymore
You can’t hide who you are
You don’t have to be afraid
You can’t keep running
To what end?
I don’t see that ugliness you trying to portray
I don’t feel that bad energy you trying to give out
You really don’t have to hate who you are
I am here, to stay, to love you, and keep you safe
You may have failed, trying too many times, but who hasn’t?
You don’t have to give up on yourself
Coz you’ll be giving up on me too
There’s no going back for me now
We are in this together

You may have the worst illness in the world
But I still care, deeply
You may not be the finest
But I see the beauty in your eyes
You may not have the world
But you are the world to me
No one may have cared for you so much
But I’m willing to give you my all
Everyone may run far away, from you
But I am here, always will be
You can’t control the things around you
But you can choose to be happy, no matter what

Come closer
Come into the arms of the one who truly loves you
Don’t be afraid
I won’t let you suffer this alone
Look up, look at me
And behold the beauty before you
You cannot hide forever
You don’t have to feel like a mistake, or a waste of time
Life would hold no meaning for me, without you in it
Please don’t hurt anymore
Just give me your hands
You are safe with me
I promise, I will always love you, just the way you are


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