“Let Me Write You…. A Story of Adventure”

Woman20Writing20at20a20TableAllow me write you a song
No. Let me write you a story instead
A story of adventure
An adventure into the world of a puzzle, unsolved

Once upon a time….
A baby was born into a home
A home with no shelter
Built for the purpose of survival
But lacked in love & safety
Day and night
The child cried out loud
And woke everyone up daily
As she shed out her grievances to the world, in tears
But no one understood the reason for her constant cries
Not even the mother
Could understand what her child was going through

Days turned into months
Months into years
The years went by quickly
Nothing’s changed
And that child, soon became a grown woman
A woman who will never forget the pains of yesterday
But one, who craves the feel of tomorrow
A life that’s tasted the bitter & the sweet
Eyes that have seen tears and laughter
Hands that have touched love & pain
Life of many questions unanswered

It’s a mystery to have risen above the tribulations of life
Even on the first day of birth
The world seemed to frown at her existence
And forgot to rejoice in the gift of hope born into their hands
Life was very unfair to her kind
She’s struggled for acceptance, far and near
Until now, she knows not to search any further
No one will ever understand the story in her heart
And for all it’s worth, she must keep this a secret, within herself

Here, she now stands, not as a victim of circumstance
Coz she knows she won’t have to cry those tears anymore
But she stands tall; so firm now, to fulfill her destiny
The one she’s been sent into the world to fulfill
She must fight her own battles
Not as a detriment to the hateful world that surrounds her daily
But as a lesson for peace, compassion & forgiveness
As she ventures on, in her quest…..
The story hasn’t ended
This is just the beginning of a puzzle, yet, unsolved


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