lonely1The journey started off on a mission
A path to find the missing pieces of me
Miles and miles away, I have walked
Through the shallow ends of the sea, I have crossed

Farther away, I walked through the desert
My feet beginning to sore, so I pull off the shoes
Thinking the heat wouldn’t hurt so bad
Got nothing for the efforts

Sweat drying off, like scales on my skin
My body’s changed from its bright color
The heat killing every vein in my bones
Hungry and thirsty in this desert; starting to feel like a death trap

Going back is not an option, coz I left no home behind
Moving onwards is killing me, all the way
The lonely path doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon
But I match onward, hoping the journey will be worth the while

Feelings of exhaustion and apprehension now clouds my judgment
I know no meaning to the path I’ve followed through, so far
Got no results to the journey I embarked upon
The desert keeps getting hotter as the journey takes me farther
Looking over my shoulder, what lies behind, are the footprints of a lonely desire.

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