“Hold On”

lovelyHold on
Hold me tight
Never let go
I can’t bear to watch you slip away
I can’t stand if you ever say goodbye
So hold on
And hold me tight

Tight enough so I don’t slip off your grip
Close enough so I don’t get blown away
Rest upon my bosom like it’s home
Put your fingers in mine
So I know I’m stuck in there forever

You are not alone in this
I am here to stay
You are always in my heart
There’s no going back for me now
Nowhere else I’d rather be
But in your arms
It’s the safest place I know
It’s where I always want to be

So hold on
Never let go
Let’s live this life we have, together
Let no one put asunder to us
Reach back as I reach out to you
Give me that one good reason to stay
Show me all I need to feel safe
So I also can hold on tight, to you
Knowing fully well that you will never let go

Hold on
Hold on to us
Hold on to what we share
Let’s make this our fairytale
Let’s keep this between us
Hold on…. As I hold onto you



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